Testudo dev diary #1

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Testudo dev diary #1

Testudo Miniatures
Published by Christian Amerise in Development Diary · Saturday 04 Mar 2023
Welcome to the first development diary for Testudo Miniatures.
It's Christian who is writing you, whom has been working on this project for quite a long time.
During last year I spent a lot of time working on the design concept and realization of a new Testudo website launching the old 28mm miniatures sculpted by Giuseppe Rava and adding new ones which comes from my handwork.
Late in the 2022 the core was assembled, and actual project started!

Today I start a series of brief updates in this development diary where I'll go into details about the miniatures I'm working on which will be either launched on new Kickstarter campaigns and finally produced.

The subject of today is: "Lithuanian infantry of the XV century".

Sveiki atvykę everybody!
Many years ago the artist Giuseppe Rava sculpted for the former Testudo many 28mm mounted figures depicting the battle of Tannenberg in 1410.
What was missing in this amazing range of miniatures is the addiction of foot figures.
Infantry, bowmen, crossbowmen, artillery and whatever might be suitable for any European warfare during the late middle age.
I felt that Lithuanians deserved attention, so that I started to figure out how to build a new range dedicated to their heavy infantry.

Uniforms and weaponry research is the first thing to deal with, then sketching is necessary for my personal understanding of that time soldiers.
I really liked their colors and the shape of their helmets. They look to be a very powerful army.
As a chess addicted, I would like to imagine my pawns as groups of Lithuanian heavy infantry advancing towards the enemy King.
They are very threatening!

So I attempted a first sculpt of a batch of 28mm figures, this is the final result.
They will also wear a shield on the left arm, but I removed them from the picture because I wanted the figure's bodies may be fully visible.

I feel very satisfied with the result so that I continue with more sculptures and soon the Lithuanian project will be ready for a new Kickstarter campaign|

See you to the next update.

Testudo Miniatures
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